Family Dispute Resolution

Separation and divorce can be a difficult time for both parties. At Bruce Legal we understand that family disputes can be highly stressful and emotionally charged. We can assist you with the family dispute resolution process. Family Dispute Resolution is designed as a process where both parties are supported to allow a communication that leads to a negotiated outcome.

Our experienced and skilled legal team will help you facilitate an acceptable outcome in a safe and supportive environment. Our aim is to help you and your partner sort out any issues and reach an amicable and mutually satisfactory result through family dispute resolution or mediation.

Compulsory Family Dispute Resolution

In situations where there are parenting disputes involving children under the age of 18, family dispute resolution is mandatory. You will require a Family Dispute Resolution Certificate from a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner before applying to a court for a parenting order.

If your situation involves family violence, child abuse, or is considered urgent, you do not require a Family Dispute Resolution Certificate.

Family Mediation

Having an independent third party, mediator can help lessen any tension between disputing parties. At Bruce Legal we are not only very experienced in family law and how the law applies to your situation, but we are experienced in representing and assisting parties attending family mediation. That means that we can guide you towards a negotiated outcome that may avoid the stress, cost and uncertainty of engaging in the court process. Family dispute resolution or mediation is a less formal approach than going through the court system. This means less stress and less cost for all parties concerned.

If you and your partner cannot not reach an agreement on your own, you may benefit for the assistance of a mediator.