Don’t let divorce come between you and your child: Seek expert advice on parental support

Tuesday, 17 July, 2018

We know you are going through a rough patch with the divorce but whatever unresolved issues brought you two to take this decision, your child should not be a sufferer on that.

Your kid is precious and deserves only the best care from his/her parents. Though while dealing with all the emotional stress, spite and other negative emotions, we often fail to see the main purpose of parental support and that is to make sure that your child is okay and taken care of well.

Child support is a support plan to help with the expenses of the child after the divorce. It is to fulfil the child’s needs, including physical, emotional, and educational.

Parental support issue can be of many types, you might be the one claiming the child support or the one whom child support claim has been directed at, but both cases can cause you stress and loss of energy. In such states, a compassionate well experienced attorney can work with you to take an amount of stress off your shoulder and make sure you child gets the best possible outcome.

What are the common factors that determines child support?

There are a few factors that determines the amount of child support for example, the income of each parent, age and status of the child, child’s standard of living before the divorce, child care costs, individual needs of the child and custody agreements. In case your child has special physical or psychological need, the support amount might be higher than usual.

How can a parental support lawyer help you?

Regardless of the nature of your relationship with your former partner, whether it’s on pleasant terms or not, legal issues are hard to deal with. A third party can prove to be a big help here. Only a professional can assist you navigate the process and make it a lot less painful.

Besides, an experienced attorney can counsel and keep the client from taking any impulsive decision that can harm the child’s interest in any way. And because the attorney knows the procedure, it will be lot easier to keep track of the dates and paperwork and identify if any additional action may be required.

In case, you are the custodial parent and want to file a claim for child support, you need to take a number of steps. You need to legally establish your child’s paternity, complete the necessary paperwork to file for child support, obtain a court order dictating the terms and conditions, and if necessary, request modifications from the child support order.

If, the non-custodial parent cannot be located or refuses to pay child support, you need to work with the Child Support Enforcement agency to make sure proper action is being taken. This process can be a bit complicated, but with the assistance of a lawyer, the procedure can be completed properly.

In case you are the non-custodial parent, you might also wish to hire parental support attorney for the mediation. This way an attorney can represent you and your interests and will also be able to help determining or adjusting the terms.