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Criminal Law Services

Whether you need assistance with a Police matter or you are being prosecuted by a local authority or Commonwealth Government agency (e.g., local Council, Fisheries Department, Australian Taxation Office or Social Security), we can provide helpful and timely assistance.

It doesn't matter whether your issue relates to defending a traffic infringement, a drink driving charge or a serious fraud. We have the skills and experience to provide the necessary assistance to you so that you maximise the potential of obtaining the best result.

Guilty? Not guilty? It doesn't matter to us as we don't make judgments about the type of criminal law problem that you have and we don't judge you by the allegations made by the Police or other authorities.

If you consider that you are not guilty then we will investigate the allegations made against you, we will examine the evidence in the hands of the prosecution, we will apply the circumstances to the relevant law, and we will ascertain the strength or otherwise of the prosecution's case. We will give you straight forward advice about your prospects of defending a matter and inform you of the process so that you understand what will happen and when it will happen. We will vigorously defend you!

If you are guilty we will present your case to the Court in the best light possible to maximise the potential of a reduced sentence.