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The attitude we take into all Family Law matters is that an early resolution of any dispute is ALWAYS the best alternative to a litigated outcome.

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In a family law or de facto matter a client deserves representation which is robust and committed to the client's goals but also caring and understanding of the emotional issues that are common place with these types of matter. A solicitor who will, at all times, use commonsense and pragmatic approaches to the matter is important to the outcome - Murray Bruce, our founding solicitor, and our Senior Associate, Luke Leotta, bring these traits to our family law department.

We provide experienced advice, representation and assistance in the following family law related areas:

  • Divorce
  • Property Settlement
  • Children’s Issues
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Financial Agreements
  • Mediation
  • Family Court / Federal Circuit Court representation
  • Urgent Matters
  • Child Abduction / Recovery

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Are you in need of a Family Lawyer for advice or representation? Don’t know where to start? Want to know what the law says? Want to know your options? Want to know what your entitlements are? Want to know the cost structure of the process? Want a carefully considered plan tailored to your circumstances? Want to know if you feel comfortable with a lawyer to handle your most personal and emotionally charged affairs?
The expert family lawyers at Bruce Legal Gold Coast can assist you with all of the above, FOR FREE…

At Bruce Legal we believe in transparency in the solicitor-client relationship. Our free family law case assessment consultation offers people experiencing family law issues the opportunity to sit down with a highly experienced, expert family lawyer.

During this consultation you will get to meet the lawyer, and have the law, options and process explained to you in plain English. We will then be able to assess the facts of your particular circumstances and advise you, based on our many years of experience as family law litigators, what the likely outcomes might be in your situation and what your realistic entitlements are.
We will explain each of the steps required to bring about a resolution to your circumstances and provide you with details of the likely costs involved.

Finally, we will propose a plan of action to resolve the dispute, tailored to your circumstances.
This is an invaluable service provided free by Bruce Legal, and for which you would otherwise pay many hundreds of dollars for. Some of the benefits of taking advantage of this service are:

  • 1. Having the relevant law and procedures explained to you by an experienced, expert family lawyer;
  • 2. Having your particular case examined and assessed by an experienced family lawyer and being advised of your legal entitlements and the likely outcomes of your case;
  • 3. Having your legal options explained to you;
  • 4. Receiving details of the likely costs moving forward explained to you;
  • 5. An opportunity to see if you can build the necessary rapport with your lawyer prior to spending money
  • All people who might be experiencing family law issues are encouraged to contact Bruce Legal to book their free case assessment consultation. Whether you go ahead and engage the firm to act on your behalf, or simply take on board the information provided to help guide you in your own negotiations, you can only benefit from the advice of an expert family lawyer. Book your Free consultation with our Gold Coast Family Lawyers Today..